Class Descriptions


Please note that all classes are designed for multi level participants from novice to the most seasoned exercise enthusiast, both men & women.  There are always modifications for any physical concerns or conditions you may have.


Enjoy & experience the multiple benefits of easy flow yoga while sculpting & toning the entire body, mind and soul.  Mats recommended.  ALL levels

Stretch & Flex

Relax your body and mind while improving your flexibility.  Wonderful for reducing sore muscles, stress and a great way to start the day.  ALL levels

Muscle Conditioning

Overall body conditioning..non cardio & non impact.  Works all the major muscle groups for a well defined, firmer, stronger body.  Apparatus may or may not be used.  ALL levels

Muscle Mix Up

Complete body conditioning.  This class may include cardio training and the use of apparatus.  ALL levels

Pump'n Up

One of our signature classes.  Burn fat while firming & tightening your entire body in a short amount of time!  This is a muscle conditioning class using special barbell equipment.  It is designed for ALL ages & ALL levels of participation.  It is fun, it’s different…it’s addictive!

CoreX Suspension Training

A fun and challenging way to reach your fitness goals.  Turn your body into a fat burning machine with this movement based training that engages your entire body with a heavy focus on the core.  Class is taught for multi levels.


An ultimate challenge for people who like to work & sweat.  High Intensity Interval Training, = High energy, High Fat Burning mixture of cardio & strength conditioning.  ALL levels welcome, but a bit more advanced class;)

Fitness Boot Camp

This class splits the seasons inside & outside.  It consists of cardiovascular, strength & flexibility training.  Intensity levels as well as types of activities will change daily.  Some activities to expect: running/walking, obstacle courses, weight training, circuit training, drills, hiking etc…Creativity is the key in the development of our functional fitness training.  Get in the best shape of your life & enjoy it too!!   We cater to ALL levels in this class.  Give it a try & you’ll be hooked!  *Registration is required for this class*

‘Magic 8’ Tabata

High intensity, high fat burning, quick paced workout.  Short bursts of intense exercises with short break recoveries.  Fast & Fun!!  ALL levels

Kick N’ Core

A new twist on an old favorite class, Kickboxing.  Time to raise your hands, feet & fitness level  This class is designed for ALL levels and will use punching bags, heavy bags, CoreX and other apparatus.  Heavy focus on core training


Indoor cycling at it’s best!  No complicated moves or choreography. *Spin with a twist.. working both on & off the bike for the ultimate interval training of cardio & strength.  Burn between 400-900 calories during the workout and your body will continue to burn fat for at least an hour or so after completion.  Fun & Addictive class!!

Soul Spin

Calm your mind and tame your stress!  An easy flow, low intensity meditative spin class combined with Yoga, Stretching & Flexing.  Increase your endurance and flexibility while developing leaner, longer muscle tone.  Excellent class for people new to spin.  ALL levels

REV 30  Dates to be announced

20 day shed & shred challenge.  Registration & Commitment required for this class.  30 min’s 3-4 times/wk for 20 days.  Watch your body transform!  Intense program for the serious!  Classes will run 3 weeks on 2 weeks off.  Please see staff for complete info 